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Stud Book Number 2921CD

22 July 1991 - 14 July 2002

Sire: Weetoneon Dark Warrior

Dam: Bozwood's Goody Two Shoes

Best Puppy Dog, Swindon Canine Society 1992

Best Puppy, Marlborough Canine Society 1992

Joint Winner of Member's Points Trophy, BAHC 1992

1st Novice Dog, BAHC Ch Show 1992

2nd Graduate Dog, Southern Counties 1993

2nd Open Dog, SKC Ch Show 1993

Beano was the gentleman of our pack.  When Shirley and Terry Carr bred this litter, David was given the opportunity to pick a bitch after they had elected to keep Treacle.  It was hoped a black and silver or black and tan would result from Ruby's mating.  Fortunately for us, there was a black and silver dog and bitch in the litter.  We are very grateful to Terry and Shirley for allowing David to own both Bozwood's Hanky Panky at Numa (Bunty) and Bozwood's Leader Of The Pack at Numa (Beano).

Beano's show career started well.  He won several best puppy awards with Brian showing him, and was usually placed.  But in May 1992, Beano went through puberty and decided that showing was not for him.

At the Birmingham Afghan Hound Club Championship Show in November 1992, Misha qualified for Crufts, Beano won Novice Dog, between them Beano, Bunty and Misha won the Members Trophy (the first time it was awarded by  Chris Mahn-Lloyd), and whilst David was in the ring with Bunty, Beano got himself caught on his benching chain.  Sue Keree-Bartolo tried to untangle him, and Gerry Darnley joined in to help.  Unfortunately, Beano was startled and bit Gerry on his hand.  This resulted in Alan Busby having to take Gerry to a local hospital, and they had not returned hours later when the show had finished.  Fortunately for us, Gerry has been extremely understanding about the whole business and we have become firm friends.  This incident was the only time that Beano ever reacted in this way.  We immediately bought collapsible cages for our dogs to be in at shows to avoid using benching chains.

We continued to show Beano lightly, usually with David or Shirley Carr handling him.  We were delighted in June 1993 when Beano gained 2nd place in the large Graduate Dog class at Southern Counties and in August 1993 when Beano gained 2nd place in Open Dog at SKC Championship Show under Mary Pascoe, giving him his Stud Book Number.

Beano was a very gentle hound.  He was a typical afghan who was wary sometimes of people he did not know, and sometimes of those he knew.  He adored Misha, and was a pain when she was in season; David often had to sleep on the floor with him at night during this time so that we could all get some sleep!  We had to replace doors in the house with gates, so that Beano could always see his girls, even if he couldn't get to them.

Daisy (Wilbus Lovesong JW) adored Beano, and was at her most misbehaved when separated from him.  She seemed to think that, if we took her beloved Beano away - she must destroy something to retaliate - and she did!

Beano was full of fun and mischief.  We lost count of the number of pan brushes he ate.  He sang opera - quite well, in fact, and would never be out-howled by the girls in our pack.

A handsome gentleman, who took his leave from Numa Afghan Hounds peacefully, at home, on 14 July 2002.  Not a day goes by when we don't miss him.

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